Friday, May 10, 2013

Whee! A Giveaway!

So, we're just over a week old. Yay! A "Thank You" giveaway is in order, wouldn't you agree?

Like we said, we had no idea what to expect and we still don't! Gloriousmess! initially started out as a collection of higgledy piggledgy with a smattering of paper goods, gift wrapping accessories and stickers but it has taken a life of it's own already. So many new and exciting things are waiting to be created, we're going to have to declare a sale soon to make more room! We've got ourselves a lot of new spaces online and a lot of numbers that overwhelm us. We think it's much easier to digest it all with pretty pictures.

Infographic picture of first week statistics
Infographic made with Piktochart. Word cloud in the shape of Australia made with Tagxedo.

We're by no means sitting on our laurels! We're absolutely chuffed at the numbers and are working hard to ensure we live up to your expectations, and plenty beyond! 

To celebrate our opening and thank everyone who's supported us along the way, we've concocted a giveaway! It starts today, May 10th and will last until the 31st of May. All you have to do is fill out the entry form, mosey over to our Etsy home and you're in the running for one pack our handmade goodies, each containing:
Three winners will hopefully be very smiley at the end of it all! And yes, we will ship out prizes internationally. There's a blank area for you to answer the question, just above the little checkboxes.

Good luck and have fun! :)

Grand Opening Giveaway!
  If the above widget is being naughty and refuses to work for you, head on over here to enter the giveaway instead!
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