Gloriously Messed!

Here's a very fuzzy map of places that have a Gloriousmess! product. 

The purpose of this map is to have a visual picture of which countries/states/major cities that Gloriousmess! products have been shipped to, and nothing more. We value our personal privacy, and those of our supporters and fans. We would never disclose any personal information, including email unless required by law.

Please note that the map pins ARE NOT accurate - they are pinned over general descriptions such as state names or capital city names. If you zoom all the way to the highest level, the exact location of the pin is meaningless and is pointing to a random address or intersection that is completely unintended. 

Please do not be creepy and stalk people using this map. It's not actually possible using the information from the pins anyway. If you insist, please realize that what you are doing is just plain wrong, and quite illegal.

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