Saturday, June 01, 2013

Shopping on a Saturday: Knick Knacks, No Paddywhacks

We have too many knick knacks at home! That being said, I can still easily tell you how each one ended up in our home so I guess we're still doing ok. May start to worry when I start losing track.. 

This doesn't stop me from window shopping all over the internet though! I thought I'd share some of my favorite online stalks shops with you and maybe get a teeny weeny bit of validation knowing that I'm not alone in wanting/owning one of these goodies below!

By the way, do you know what paddywhacks (or wacks, depending on the source) are? All I know is that they're part of the nursery rhyme/song called "This Old Man." So, a bit of digging around revealed that a paddywhack could mean an informal spanking, or refer to the yellowy elastic nuchal ligament found in sheep and cattle to relieve the weight of their heads. EW! What was that old man doing making a knick knack out of ligament?!

Anyway, back to the knick knacks.. Enjoy!
image of metal no sign from latestbuyImage of gummy bear lamps
Image of gedible eyes for fruits and foodImage of beaker mug
Picture of tetris lamp

From top to bottom, left to right:

  • No Sign Holder by Avichai Tadmore - The Hubbs first saw these on vacation and just HAD to get one but it was sold out... So we tracked down the source to Monkey Business and ordered it online. Now, it's sitting at his office with a stick of sugar there to control the temptation to snack on junk foods!
  • Edible Eyes - Very cute at first.. and edible too apparently! But I really couldn't imagine chomping down on a strawberry, or anything else with googly eyes looking back.. 
  • Beaker Mug - We're a bit nerdy like that.. after all, we had our guests drink out of conical flasks at our wedding reception :) It's no wonder we own these mugs.. in both the 350ml and the 1L version! Besides, they proved very useful when I got sick & had to be hospitalized earlier this year.. I was able to tell the docs I kept down 2 mugs, or 700ml of water overnight!
  • Gummy Bear Lights - They're squishy, they're gigantic and they light up! I've been stalking these online and was so excited to see them in real life here! I've spent an indefinite amount of time rooted in front of these at the Australian Geographic store and was this close to buy one but self-control kicked in at the last minute. They used to be quite rare, but you can now find them on Amazon (what can't you find there?), Urban Outfitters and Peters of Kensington amongst many other places. You can also get these as Gummy Bear Magnets... How cute!!
  • Tetris Light - Maybe it's not such a good idea to drop these giant tetris blocks from ceiling height, but you can arrange them however you'd like to. One brick gets plugged in, and the others will auto-magically light up when you place it on top/next to the plugged-in brick. How cool is that?!

Have a happy weekend!

P.S. This round-up is no way endorsed or sponsored by any of the aforementioned shops, websites or companies. These are finds that I've stumbled on during my internet travels that have impressed me enough to share with everyone else.

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