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About Gloriousmess!

Gloriousmess! is an online extension of Missy Messy and an embodiment of all the fizzing and whizzing inside her brain. Her menagerie of the quaint, quirky, simple and pretty began to take a more solid form in early 2013 and here we are now!

This carefully curated collection has started to take a life of its own and has grown to be a celebration of unique forms merging with practical functions. A lot of thought and care has been put into deciding which items make it online to accurately reflect the Gloriousmess! personality and values.

As much as possible, Missy Messy makes her items recyclable, biodegradable, or both. You may find that some of the packaging can be used as bits of stationary themselves, making them useful for a wee bit longer before they hit the recycling pile.

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About Missy Messy

Hi! I'm known as Missy Messy around the house (messiness is all relative, especially when you have a neat-freak husband!) and I'm a part-time doctor, nerdette, curator of whimsy and cute, and owner of Gloriousmess!

I absolutely love seeing eyes dance with delight when people receive presents, and my collection of paper goods and higgledy piggledy is designed to do just that :) I'm quite a practical person and appreciate functional and beautiful things. My designs reflect this and each celebrate unique forms merging with practical functions.

I love challenging convention and taking the road less travelled. That doesn't always mean it's the easier path, but I believe that each wonder and hurdle I stumble across is a valuable lesson that will help me grow. With this growth, I hope to share my experiences, tips and tricks and inspire others to be brave, believe in themselves and remember to smile once in a while! Knowing that I've brought a smile to someone's face.. I love that, and all of these dreams are what keeps me going! :) 

So, I hope you will accompany me on my off-beat path and let me spark a smile or two for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

Easy! Email to say "Hi!" 
I would love to hear from you!

I've got an awesome DIY tutorial to share! How can I do that?

Just drop us an email with your project, along with a few styled pictures, to blow us away with your awesomeness! Just remember, we frown upon copycats and will not accept any work that is not your own. Obviously, we will give you due credit if we think that your project is a good fit for "Oh, what a Gloriousmess!." 

Also, please note that there will be no monetary compensation for any contributions, but you will get exposure through our site and our social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter).

What about Giveaways and Product Reviews? How do they work?

We firmly believe that honesty is the best policy, and will not endorse products that we personally have not seen, touched or tried. Our giveaways are all done through a PromoSimple to ensure that everything is fair, and we do not receive a prize for ourselves when hosting giveaways. 

Given that nobody knows our shipping address, it's no surprise that we don't get any freebies for either reviews or giveaways! BUT!! If we are contacted and decide to go ahead with a product review or a giveaway, it will be made very clear that we've received a freebie. We believe in full-disclosure, always.

I would like to contribute to "Oh, what a Gloriousmess!." How do I do that?

We are open to any type of colllaboration, be it guest posts or DIY contributors. Send us an email to get started! Each idea will be carefully reviewed and we will proceed if it is a good fit for our site!

Again, please note that there will be no monetary compensation for any contributions, but you will get exposure through our site and our social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter).

Why do ModCloth and Amazon always have ads here?

That's because I'm an affiliate of both Amazon and ModCloth! If you have your own blog or website, you can be one too. 

Does this site have any other sources of revenue?

Advertizements are the main source, but frankly, we've making pennies (if that!) from the ads. All ads on this site, aside from those by ModCloth, Amazon and Google, are displayed for free at this stage as a swap with the ad's owner and we earn nothing from these. All we gain from exchanging ads with other blogs are friendship and pretty blog buttons!

For advertizing and sponsorship opportunities, please email Gloriousmess! at this stage with your ideas. We want to settle in first and have plans to open up for sponsors and advertizements around September or October this year.

Last updated on May 15, 2013.
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