Saturday, May 04, 2013

Shopping on a Saturday: Japanese Envy

I don't know about you, but I did some shopping-soul-searching and realized that it's been a very long while since I've bought something really cool from a physical shop. All the things I've squealed about have been spotted and bought online (needed, or not). Usually at some point close to midnight. They don't call it the witching hour for nothing..!

So, in an effort to stop these Cinderella moments from happening when the clock strikes twelve and I relapse back into this poor girl with evil stepsisters called Desire and Envy, a list might help with some planned shopping. You know, lay everything out on the table and make better judgements.

The round-up this week consists of all the things that are so wonderfully awesome that the heart says "YES!!!" but the brain says "NOOOOooo!!" to. The wallet doesn't really care so long as someone feeds it because all it cares about is being full. Selfish little thing.

Image of teardrop glass thermometer from Japan Trends
Image of color changing paper leaf from green to yellowImage of white balloon lights
Image of Japanese wooden aromatherapy box with charcoal
Image of white bubble dinner plate set from Japan

From top to bottom, left to right:

  • Tempo Drop - a minimalistic "fuzzy" way of telling you what the temperature is outside. Of course, you could just open the front door or open a window, but why do so when you can stare at something so pretty! 
  • Leaf Color-Changing Thermometer Paper - this one actually can be found in Sydney! Saw it on King Street at either Octopus Designs or Pentimento Papeterie (can't remember now). Remember those Hypercolor T-shirts back in the 90s? These things are like that as they react to the surrounding temperature and change color. Of course, if you're pretty impatient like me, you would go stick your finger on it just to see a blotch of yellow appear to get your fix.
  • White Balloon Lamp - yet another simple, minimalistic idea. You could do so many things with these! Think of the parties! Attaching them to gifts! Or.. use them like they were intended, as lamps, although I'm not sure if it would be bright enough for more than just mood lighting if you only have one.
  • Arooma Natural Aroma Box - it's wooden (piano wood!), it smells nice AND it's got a pretty LED.. what a perfect combo! I love how natural (as natural as you want to make it, depending on your choice of aroma) is all is and how it would blend into any surrounding.
  • Metaphys Savone Divided Plate Set - clean, simple, bubbly and functional. I likey. A lot. How to store the plates after admiring and using them. I no likey. A lot. With that in mind, regardless of the price tag, this will remain in that "I really really love it and I want to make it work but I wouldn't to buy it" category unfortunately :(

Have a happy weekend!

P.S. This round-up is no way endorsed or sponsored by any of the aforementioned shops, websites or companies. These are finds that I've stumbled on during my internet travels that have impressed me enough to share with everyone else.
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