Monday, May 20, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

* * *

Missy Messy, oh so dressy,

How does your garden grow?

With lots of herbs, and pretty pots

And lavender all in a row.

* * *

We had a lovely, sunny Autumn weekend here and I wanted to keep my thumb a bit green. 
Following our round-up of pretty planters, I couldn't help myself and well... look what came home from IKEA

Picture of IKEA mini glass greenhouse with white metal frame

* * *

So, after excitedly setting up my new mini-greenhouse, I went to search for some plants that would fit. I had initially wanted it to protect my herbs from the strong, chilly winds we're experiencing but most of them have been re-potted into home too big to fit the greenhouse. I ended up placing my daisy and rosemary plants (which was very comfy in its new Smart Pot already) in this shiny new home.

Picture of daisy and rosemary plants in glass greenhouse

* * *

Image of white flowers and glass greenhouse

I think they're quite happy, even though the rest of their garden friends are quite jealous of the new house. 
Look at them all crowding around to have a peek!

* * *

Picture of basil herb plantImage of green mini tomato plant vineImage of small red wild strawberry plant

Picture of lettuce hanging gardenPicture of cockscomb and edamame japanese plant vineImage of marigold flower

Everyone else in the garden wanted to have a peek at the new house!

* * *

Even the cacti were quite intrigued, although they have always been a bit prickly about living with the softies. (Did you notice that I've managed to turn a particular cactus a disturbing shade of golden brown when it's supposed to be lush green? *frowns*)

Image of cacti clustered on decorative plate

* * * 

My poor pea spouts weren't very impressed though. In fact, they really could have cared less at this point. They would have loved to be able to live in a pretty little house made of glass but it's too late. Yes, I'm not very good with this thing called "watering the plants" and unfortunately, many many many plants have met some terrible demises that did not involve a hot wok or a dinner plate.

Image of withered pea spout plants in window planter

* * * 

Well, all isn't in vain! I learn a bit more about gardening with each shrivelled up plant I bury (did you know that you can crush up egg shells or sprinkle old coffee grounds and tea leaves to boost your herbs and plants that fruit?) and hopefully with more experience, my little balcony colony will grow up quite well!

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