Friday, May 03, 2013

Want it. Need it. Love it.

We're on Wanelo! What a funny word, eh? Not so, when you realize it's a mash-up of "want it. need it. love it." and then you get that lightbulb moment :)

I remember reading about it yonks ago, and not really understanding what it was all about. Now that it's taken off a bit more, it's much easier to understand. I still feel like a contestant in Supermarket Sweep with all that visual overload and that "grab what you like" mentality. The only way I can describe Wanelo is ... like a Pintrest-meets-old-Google-Images where it's a never-ending wall of pictures. My mouse scroll wheel has been getting a workout!

So.. come and find us there! Share a few of your likes and favorites! True to their warning, you gotta be careful. That place is getting quite addictive.. 0.0
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