Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pssstt, We've Moved In!


Welcome to the Gloriousmess! blog and hope you'll be keeping tabs on us! Expect to see beautiful, inspirational, and slightly off-beat things in this little online spot of ours and bring along your imagination and whimsy. Oh, and expect a dash of nerdette!

A soft launch on Etsy is due in the next week or so and we plan to settle in before making the official launch announcement sometime in May or June. For now, my Tamago team and I will keep ourselves busy putting on the finishing touches as we jiggle with glee behind our soon-to-open online shoppe. After all, we love to make things sparkly and pretty, and there's plenty of fairy-dusting to do first! By the same token, we're bursting to share all the awesome higgledly piggledgy we've collected so far and hence, the soft launch.

We love making friends all over the world (and the convenience of having a place to stay at when travelling is a bonus!). Of course, we wouldn't want to scare you off by suggesting that we'd crash at your place. Just saying.. So, um, that got quite awkward quite fast. Where were we? Ah, making friends! We would love to hear your views, see what inspires you and invite you to journey with us on our online and offlline adventures!

Remember to tune into our Facebook page, or our Google+ page ..or both if you're so inclined! Sneak previews, special sales and updates on shop stock will be made through there.

Thank you for stopping by, and hope you thoroughly enjoy your stay!

Missy Messy

P.S. The little by-line is something that has oft been repeated by Mister Not-so Messy and seemed apt to apply to Gloriousmess!, especially with bits and bobs everywhere just before the soft launch..
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